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New Spiritual Advisor series premiering at Hive Gallery, Downtown Los Angeles in February!



2023 brings the return to sculpture! Two new constructs created in the last few months. Please visit Crocheted page to view!


Installed HR in a private home for a party!

July 2023


With shows planned for 2020 pushed back to 2022, this is the year for story and wall decor. I'm working on buyables for your home, and a galaxy space quest, 9th Planet. Check out the Decor & trinkets page, as well as new Drawings!

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Check out new drawings and Decor page!

M  O  L  T    Performance @ Torrence Museum of Art July 2021

Feeling a change can be a brutal process, and may take much longer than the act of change itself.


I like that in nature, the process of growth can be the ripping apart of old skin, or a perfect shell that is left to resemble an old form. While humans can flake off their skin, we don’t really see evidence of transformation until a major physical growth occurs. 

A child into adult, a drastic hair dye job, death making us seem smaller in size. How do we mark our internal changes?


While traveling blindly, navigating the cord of time- I ask viewers to contemplate change within themselves. Feeling light brushes of soft comfort while moving through a maze unknowingly, your concept of space and time dissolves for a moment and you are able to be with yourself fully, scared or focused- to imagine how you have transformed after such an illuminating year.  - Zac Monday