"Monday creates life-sized 'costumes' that he and others can preform in. His yarn forms are organic and vibrant, made up of fuchsias, purples, sparkles, and fluff. Imagine encountered a barnacled deep-sea creature in elaborate netted dress amoung a collection of Goya paintings hanging in a Museum Gallery, and you have an idea of what its like to experience Monday's performance work."

                                - Amanda Hunt, Made in LA 2012 Catalogue

Zac Monday. Gatekeeper (Rainbow) 2019.

GateKeeper (Rainbow), details.

Zac Monday. 3 Blind Fates, 2008.

3 Blind Fates (details)

Zac Monday. Bleedy Eyes, 2019.

Bleedy Eyes (detail)

Zac Monday. Blue Witch Weeping, 2019.

Blue Witch Weeping (detail)

Zac Monday. Toli, 2010.

Toli (detail)

Zac Monday. Mystic, 2009.

Maverick Performing @ HP Experimental, San Diego CA.

Zac Monday. Purple Witch Weeping, 2018.

Zac Monday. The Tower, 2008.

The Tower (detail)

Zac Monday. Mirror Twins, 2007.

Mirror Twins (detail)

Zac Monday. Two Spectors, 2011.

Two Spectors (detail)

Zac Monday. Shook, 2020.

Sequence, Film Stills with Shook 2020.

Zac Monday. Shard @ VCU gallery, 2006.

Shard (detail)

Zac Monday. Clockwork, 2010.

Clockwork, standing next to a piece by

Artist Tim Schwartz, 2010.

Zac Monday. Maverick, 2010.

Maverick @ SDMA, 2010.

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