Commissions & Collaboarations

Collaboration with SCI-Arc Virtual Reality Program, Downtown Los Angeles

Planet City

Director and Production Designer Liam Young with Costume Director/Producer Ane Crabtree, VFX supervisor Alexey Marfin, Still photography by Driely S and original score by Forest Swords and EMEL


Director Liam Young

Production Design Liam Young

Visual Effects Supervisor Alexey Marfin 

Costume Director/Producer Ane Crabtree 
Original Score Forest Swords Vocals EMEL 

Visual Effects Case Miller, Aman Sheth, Vivian Komati, Yucong Wang
Lead Researcher Case Miller
Researcher Pierce Myers

Narrative Consultant Jennifer Chen
West Coast Costume Assistant Courtney Mitchell
East Coast Costume Assistant Ela Erdogan
Costume Artists Holly McQuillian, Karin Peterson, Kathryn Walters (Zero Waste Weavers), Aneesa Shami (High Altitude Bot Herder), Yeohlee Teng (Code Talker), Courtney Mitchell (Beekeeper), Ane Crabtree (Nomadic Worker, Algae Diver, Drone Shepard)
Fibre Artist Janice Arnold
Mask Artists Liam Young (High Altitude Bot Herder, Code Talker, Algae Diver, Drone Shepard), Zac Monday (Zero Waste Weavers Blue + Gold), Aneesa Shami (Zero Waste Weavers Pink)

Costume Still Photography Driely S
Costume stills Photoshoot Produced by Eva Huang

Performed by David Freeland Jr, AJ and Miguel Alejandro Lopez, Joy Brown of Jacob Jonas The Company

Commissioned by NGV Melbourne

Curator Ewan McEoin

Collaboration with Artist Enrique Agudo for his VR film, The Pantheon of Queer Mythology, a  2020 Tribeca Film Festival Official Selection 

Commission for a set of Yarmulkes for a Seder Feast based on the 10 Plagues from the Old Testament

A Music Video for local Musician, Landon Marcus

Wall Art Commissions


Mysticaps! Hats made for all

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